"There’s always a bit of truth in each rumour, the trouble is finding out which bit."

- The Novice by Trudi Canavan (via effyeahyoungadultlit)
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sketch and plan of the High Lord’s residence, by Trudi Canavan.


sketch and plan of the High Lord’s residence, by Trudi Canavan.

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Books more people should read
» Age of Five by Trudi Canavan «


In a land on the brink of peace—watched jealously by a ruthless cult from across the sea and beset by hidden enemies—five extraordinary humans must serve as sword and shield of the Gods. Auraya is one.

Her heroism saved a village from destruction; now Auraya has been named Priestess of the White. The limits of her unique talents must be tested in order to prove her worthy of the honor and grave responsibility awarded to her. But a perilous road lies ahead, fraught with pitfalls that will challenge the newest servant of the gods. An enduring friendship with a Dreamweaver—a member of an ancient outcast sect of sorcerer-healers—could destroy Auraya’s future. And her destiny has set her in conflict with a powerful and mysterious, black-clad sorcerer with but a single purpose: the total annihilation of the White. And he is not alone..

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I read this series twice it was so good, though I must admit I wasn’t impressed the first time around. But there was just something about this book that kept me thinking so I read it again about a year later and fell in love.

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Comparison between Snape and Akkarin


1. Both Snape and Akkarin are secret agents. They work undercover to fight the ultimate enemy, and cannot let anyone else know, except for a trusted few(one). Except that Snape is a double agent, while Akkarin…he’s not really a ‘double-agent’. More of a ‘secret undercover spy’.

2. They both fight…

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So… it seems Tumblr is missing a fandom.

A result of this means that practically no-one can understand my OTP.

Sonea and Akkarin.

If anyone knows who these people are, you are so fracking awesome.

True dat

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The Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan

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I’m watching New Girl

“It’s against the law you beautiful creature!”

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I’m watching Once Upon a Time


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This was undoubtedly the best one.

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